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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cools Presentations/Videos on Redis, R, Hadoop and angel wings

This is much less a post than a link to stuff that I ran across this month that I love.

The first link is to a video presentation by Paul Dix on Reddis. Reddis is awesome! Paul does mention that, but he also goes into explaining why people thought he would be wear Angel's wings to this presentation. I have always known Paul as a straight man, but he is really funny here.

Paul Dix on Angel Wings and Redis

Ryan Rosario of Datajunkie twitter fame and the cool blog Byte Mining. Posted his slides from the Los Angeles RUG on Parallelization in R and Large Data Sets in R. This talk is reason enough to go to the LA RUG if you are ever in town. Ryan sent me this link to his talk because of the little piece I did about R 2.14 including a parallel package. 

Parallelization in R
Large Data Sets in R

I also went to the Greater Boston R user group meeting on July 28. Amy Szczepanski gave a talk on doing High Performance Computing with R which was a great talk. I enjoyed how she went through the evaluation and decision making process for implementing HPC. I had never seen anyone do that in this format, and it was very well done. Amy travels a quick a bit, and I would strongly encourage other R groups to get her on their meeting calenders!

Amy Szczepanski HPC with R talk