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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Floop the mobile social media opinion app has arrived

Today the app store approved the code for floop which is a mobile social media opinion app. It is now at the app store ready for you to download for free. Let your voice be heard!

Here is the blurb on the facebook page:

When a large number of starfish travel the same path, it’s called a floop. We use the same term to describe people spontaneously coming together to share their opinions on timely topics in sports, politics, fashion, culture, entertainment -- you name it.

Will Cliff Lee pitch 5 more shutouts for the Phillies this season? Are we headed for a “double-dip” recession? Is Lady Gaga’s use of a wheel chair as a stage prop offensive? Floop it and find out what people think.

Also for live events, watch as things change as the action happens. It’s the companion app for TV, sports, radio, etc.

Flooping is fast, easy and fun. Just download floop to iPhone. Touch the screen to check out existing floops or start one of your own. Weigh in by moving the dot up or down and even leave a comment or join in chat. Invite your friends!
I have been beta tesing Floop for a while, and it is great fun.


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