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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Four Tips to get the most out of Floop

Floop is a new iPhone App that takes the mircoblogging of twitter to a whole new level.  Floop provides the social media user the ability to gauge the thoughts and opinions of the community dynamically with an opinion graph and text. I think that Floop is both a very entertaining application and a powerful social tool.  Here are the things I think you need to do to improve your Floop experience:

  1.  Follow Interesting People: Social Networks are built on associating with interesting and thought provoking people. Floop provides a method to find these people by looking for Floops that you like or by finding an individual's comment on a Floop that interests you. Also just like any social network the people you follow are likely to follow you back.
  2. Find interesting Floops and participate: This is not hard to do, and it is fun. The quality of your participation is probably more important than the volume of Floops you do. Comments like “yes or “no” add little value to the dialog, but quality comments improve the Floop, and get more people to follow you.
  3. Create interesting Floops: There is simply no better tool out there is get real time crowdsourced feedback so use it. Test the community’s opinion on your ideas or convictions. The more thought provoking the better.
  4.  Participate in the Floops of people who follow you. Floop's value is in the ability to query the community and for the community to voice its opinion on a topic.

Other than that just enjoy this great new social media application!