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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vegas Odds for Worlds Series Champions 2011 at start of MLB playoffs

It is always fun to look back with knowledge and laugh at how off the odd makers were because we always knew better. The 2011 MLB playoff have been a shinning example of this with the teams given a 8-to-1 and a 12-to-1 chance vying for the title of World Series Champions.

Yes, few believed the Texas Rangers could became Champions having to compete against American league foes of the likes of the New York Yankees (4-to-1), Tampa Bay Rays (9-to-1) and Detroit Tigers (7-to-1). Yet they did.

Fewer still believed the St. Louis Cardinals had any hope against powerhouse teams like the Phillies (9-to-5), Brewers (15-to-2) and Diamondbacks (14-to-1). That is why they play the games.

With all teams being equal the chance of any two particular teams being in the World Series is only about 6%  which is a rare event to begin with. However weighting your brackets with vegas odd usually improves on that. Not this year. Payoff numbers mess it up a little, but the odds makers thought the chances of a St. Louis versus Texas World Series was about 2%. So enjoy the rarity.


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