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Monday, February 20, 2012

Brewing my own Sake. First attempt....

Most guys who get into home brewing brew their own beer or make their own wine. There are lots of resources out there and people to talk to about how to make a good product. That would be too easy. I have always wanted to brew something at home, but why do something easy. A couple of my friends tried to brew sake and they said their results were undrinkable. When I can not do worse than those who tried before me I have found my calling, home brewing sake.

The only resource I have found to aid in my efforts of home brewing sake is Will Auld of HomeBrewSake. I have ordered their home brew sake kit that comes from the All American Sake Company better known as SakeOne. Now I wait for the material to come to start the roughly ninety day brewing process.

Remember I am only trying to make something that is drinkable to me. Given that I was able to drink the Applejack that I brewed in my dorm room back at Choate I figure i should be able to drink just about anything.