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Monday, April 9, 2012

Red Sox headed for a worse start than 1945

The Bobby Valentine era at Fenway park has started with a fizzle.  The Red Sox have entered the 2012 season the same way they began the 2011 campaign, on a losing streak. In 2011 the Red Sox started 0-6  before beating the New York Yankees and ending their quest to have the worst start in Red Sox history.

This could be the year that the Red Sox finally do away with a record that has stood for over sixty years. In 1945 the Red Sox started the season with eight straight losses. That streak ended when they beat the Philadelphia Athletics on April 28, 1945. The 2011 losing streak ended with a victory over the Yankees. There is a chance the Red Sox could end this current steak by beating the Yankees on April 20th at Fenway. The Yankees are currently off to a winless start as well.

For the last five years the Red Sox have had a poor first two weeks of the season starting every year with a losing record. It is an odd development that could just be the result of chance.

Given the worst start ever by a Major League Baseball team is 21 games by the 1988 Baltimore Orioles the Red Sox all time worst start of 8 games is fairly unimpressive.


  1. With the Red Sox win last night the record of 1945 is once again safe for another year. Since it happened so quickly it made me think of the strange relationship between commentary and opposite results. Like when the announcer says this player never misses a free throw and then the player puts up an air ball. SO it is with my post and the Red Sox victory


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