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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everything old is new again in Video Games

They say in fashion every comes back in style about every 20 years. I am beginning to think the same applies to video games. The online games of facebook and mobile games have the same look and feel of early PC games. The only thing I am glad is that command line games like Zork or Galtrader did not make a comeback because I was glad to see them go. Now I am hearing more and more about table video games returning to bars. It is like the 80s have come back in fashion.

In the 80s video games had there heyday in bars across America. Games like Pong, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong gain fame and fortune not on the home gaming screens, but on table video game units in bars. I remember walking through these smoke filled ( yes they still smoked in bars then) by table after table of video games being played with beers and quarters stacked on top of them. By the 1990s they had all disappeared to make way for things like Karaoke.

Now it seems that video games and beer will once again be joined together in a happy partnership of something that requires fine motor skill and something that impairs motor skills. Recently I saw a video of a new video games for Grasshopper NYC. The Game and its developer make no bones about its purpose. The games is called Don't F**K Up: A video game for drunk people. Here is a link to the Video.


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