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Saturday, February 14, 2015

R 3.1.2 "Pumpkin Helmet"

Back in October of 2014 the latest version or R was released on CRAN by the R Project for Statistical Computing. I have been an active R user for many years, and I thought that I would pass on a few thoughts that I had.

Unlike in years past new versions of R are released on a annual basis rather then a semi-annual basis in the past. I was concerned about this because I felt this would really allow know bugs to linger of way too long. I was wrong about this. In my opinion, the switch to annual release as contributed not only to the size of the update but to the quality of the update itself. This change was a vast improvement over the old procedure.

In terms of an R users and an probably a very average users. I do not do anything unusual or cutting edge.  So I am not really experience a bug in years. That is amazing statement for an open source platform.