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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Boston Data Science Conference in May

There is a Data Science Conference in Boston on May 30-31. This is going to be a great conference. It is unique in that it brings together some of the best minds not only of R but also Python. When those two groups have gotten together in the past, the conversations have been powerful and productive. When Wes Mckinney spoke at the NYC R metope about his Python Panda project, it started one of the most thought discussions of the elements of the two languages.

This meeting should have all of that and then some. I have heard most of the speakers before and each one of them is usually the highlight of the conference that I am at. Also I am a big fan of the Boston Data Science Community. It is vibrant and diverse. They use Python, R, Julia and other tools to get their work done in finance, pharma and other fields. The Meetup groups from John's Predictive Analytics Meetup to Josh's Greater Boston R Meetup are first class and massively supported with thousands of members.

I also like the fact that this conference comes a month after the NYC R Conference. I feel that in a way they will both give you pieces of a larger puzzle, and at reasonable cost. You can go to both of these conferences for a third of the cost it would be to go to just Strata or PAWS.

Here is a link to the Conference:


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