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Thursday, November 3, 2011

If you are going to buy one Rstats book this year buy Parallel R

O'Reilly Media just Released Parallel R by Q. Ethan McCallum and Steve Weston. Here is the blurb from their website about the book and the authors:

Parallel R

R is a wonderful thing, indeed: in recent years this free, open-source product has become a popular toolkit for statistical analysis and programming. Two of R's limitations -- that it is single-threaded and memory-bound -- become especially troublesome in the current era of large-scale data analysis. It's possible to break past these boundaries by putting R on the parallel path. Parallel R will describe how to give R parallel muscle. Coverage will include stalwarts such as snow and multicore, and also newer techniques such as Hadoop and Amazon's cloud computing platform.

  1. Q. Ethan McCallum

    Q Ethan McCallum is a consultant, writer, and technology enthusiast, though perhaps not in that order. His work has appeared online on The O’Reilly Network and, and also in print publications such as C/C++ Users Journal, Doctor Dobb’s Journal, and Linux Magazine. In his professional roles, he helps companies to make smart decisions about data and technology.
    View Q. Ethan McCallum's full profile page.
  2. Stephen Weston

    Stephen Weston has been working in high performance and parallelcomputing for over 25 years. He was employed at Scientific Computing Associates in the 90's, working on the Linda programming system, invented by David Gelernter. He was also a founder of Revolution Computing, leading the development of parallel computing packages for R, including nws, foreach, doSNOW, and doMC. He works at Yale University as an HPC Specialist.
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I know both of the authors, and they are great guys. I have worked with Steve Weston for years, and if you buy one book this year buy this one. Steve is the creator of the R/foreach package which someone recently said to me was the most significant contribution to the R environment since the dataframe. I would buy that because I can not remember a presentation that included using R in parallel that did not use foreach. Steve is also an excellent teacher and guide to computer science. He was always able to explain to me what he was doing in a way that I could understand it. Steve was kind enough to send me a draft of the book a couple of months ago, and I purchased my copy yesterday. O'Reilly Site


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