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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Local Ocean's Fish Farm in New York is World Class!

Last week I visited the Local Ocean's Aquaculture facility in Upstate New York with celebrity chef Bun Lai. I am grateful that the people at Local Ocean took the time out of their busy schedule to show us an absolutely unbelievable facility! This group has figured out how to raise fish that no one else can. The even more impressive thing is they do it in a completely closed loop system that is environmentally friendly.  They represent the future of fish production, and I ca not think of a better group of people to do it.  I have never walked around a facility before where my reaction to everything I saw was that was a brilliant way to do that until I viewed their plant in Hudson, New York.  I can tell how amazing this company was, but their video is better:

The world becomes a better place when smart people build profitable companies that solve real problems. Local Ocean is just such a company. I hope they will expand into Connecticut in the very near future.