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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Video slides of the R Caret package including Random Forest (RF)

By far the most visited page on my blog is the example of Random Forest that I posted about a year ago. I wrote it when I was taking the Coursera Data Science Classes which use the Caret package in their Machine Learning Section. A few months back Max Kuhn, the creator of the Caret Package, gave a talk for the Orange County R Users group on Caret which was recorded. I am posting it here for anyone who is interested in a deeper drive into Caret because Caret does so much more than just Random Forest (RF). It is fairly lengthy at about an hour long, but well worth it.

Also here is the link to my simple example of using Caret for Random Forest on the Iris data set.

Caret is so  much more than just Random Forest. It can do a lot of preprocessing with things like centering and Scaling. Also there are almost 200 other classification models in Caret other than Random Forest. Caret has really become the deficit tool for establishing the baseline for the predictive power of a dataset and building out a superior parsimonious model.

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