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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Official Rules to the Data Science Conference Drinking Game

Over the past decade I have attended way too many Data Science Conferences (long before it was coined 'Data Science'). Over time, I have been subjected to the same slides, visualizations, phrases, and speakers in talk after talk after talk, numbing my brain. Therefore, in order to make the process more efficient, I've created the Data Science Conference Drinking Game (DSCDG). Be warned, one painful talk at a conference could leave you so numb, you are unable to attend the next talk.

So here are the rules (in no particular order):

1.) A slide of Drew Conway's Van Diagram of Data Science - Take a drink

2.) A slide that mentions "Black Box" - Take a Drink

3.) A slide of Hilary Mason's Data Science Workflow - Take a Drink

4.) A slide of a Unicorn - Take a drink

5.) A slide with a Word Cloud - Take two drinks

6.) A slide with a pie chart - any pie chart - Finish the bottle

7.) A slide that shows the shortage of Data Scientists - Take a Drink

8.) A slide on Big Data - Number_of_Drinks <- trunc(log(size_of_your_data)

9.) A slide that mentions a software tool you use:
  • Open Source - 1 Drink (because you use it)
  • Proprietary - 2 Drinks (because you use it, and you pay for it)
  • Commercial Open Source - 3 Drinks (because you use it, pay for it, and it's free)

10.) A Hero Slide - 1 Drink
  • This is a slide that mentions an idol in the Data Science Community for no particular reason, similar to a comic saying they've been married for X years.  Examples include: Hadley Wickham, Drew Conway, Hillary Mason, DJ Patil, Wes McKinney, etc.

11.) Finally, if the speaker presents a talk where they talk about data used, show a snippet of the data set, talk about the approach, show snippets of code, and present the results - They are Awesome! Buy them a drink!


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