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Monday, July 25, 2011

Finding an R consultant website

I work for Big Computing, and we are an analytics and HPC consulting company. We have a website, and so do many of the other consulting firms that service analytics platforms like R. Although I am tempted to call it Rstats to make it easier to Google. The funny thing is no one visits these consulting companies websites. Truth be told we, like many of our competitors, get our customers by word of mouth. I never really thought about it unit recently.

On Friday I had a conversation with some people from Hubspot up in Boston. They provide free fun analytics tools like twittergrader and webgrader. They also sell a commercial software package to help people optimize their websites. Never really thought about doing that for Big Computing because our customers always find us so we do not really do much with the website. It got me thinking that I should spend a little time of building up the website and seeing if in the very niche world of R (#rstats) consulting if it actually yields not only traffic but customers. I will update on this periodically.

 Since this is the first post on the subject I will give you an idea of where I am starting with We have a website, and it looks cool. It has been up for a while, but that is about it. It is ranked about 6,000,000th web. To put that in perspective my fun blog ranks about 500,000th on the web. Basically the only people who currently go to the company website are the people who access it directly or who made a typeO. Wish me luck.