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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Twitter Sentiment

I know I continue to beat the Twitter sentiment thing to death, but there is just something about it that just does not sit right with me. I think there has been good research that finds Twitter feeds can be text mined for words like "colds" or "flu" and predict local flu outbreaks. I am not sold that Twitter is a good source for sentiment gathering on investment strategy. I do not think it works because mircoblogs like twitter are a random stream of consciousness provided by a population only loosely connected to the markets that investors are trying to predict. I believe a more relevant population with proof of action on their sentiment would be a much better indicator of trends. That is why I am a much bigger fan of using sources like Reddit. I wonder how the Twitter Sentiment Fund is doing. I can not find any numbers, but that is not really a surprise given that it is a private fund.

I will close this short post with a video called Twitter for Math Nerds . I wonder if the Twitter Sentiment Fund is heavily invested in Justin Beiber.