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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Boston R Meetup with Bryan Lewis, R, Shiny, RStudio and SciDB

Bryan Lewis is Paradigm4's Chief Data Scientist and a partner at Big Computing. He is the author of a number of R packages including SciDB-R, and has worked on many performance-related aspects of R. Bryan is an applied mathematician, kayaker, and avid amateur mycologist. 

For years Bryan has been excited about the potential of computational data bases like SciDB to provide fast analytics of truly massive data sets. I have seen Bryan give this talk and it is well worth your time.  In addition he has added Rstudio and Shiny to his talk which makes this a must go meet up in Boston on Wednesday night. Shiny has really enhance the ability to communicate results to non-experts through interactive visualizations that are easy to create and modify.

Here is the abstract to his talk:

R is a powerful system for computation and visualization widely used in biostatistics and analyses of genomic data. An active and engaged research community continuously expands R's capabilities through thousands of available packages on CRAN and Bioconductor. 
SciDB is a scalable open-source database used in large omics workloads like the NCBI 1000 genomes project and other genomic variant applications, applications derived from the cancer genome atlas, and more. 
The `scidb` package for R available on CRAN lets R researchers use SciDB on very large datasets directly from R without learning a new database query language. Bryan will use RStudio, Shiny, and SciDB to demonstrate a few common, real-world genomics analysis workflows in use today by SciDB-R users. We'll see basic techniques like enrichment problems using fast parallel Fisher tests and also more challenging problems like large-scale correlation and network analysis. 
Here is the link to the meetup.