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Friday, October 24, 2014

Where does the Boston Bruin's Bar Bill rank in the big bar bills ever

In 2011 the Boston Bruins went to a bar at MGM Grand Casino in Connecticut after they won the Stanley cup and spent $156K. That seemed to me to be a crazy massive bill although the bulk of it was made up of one massively expensive bottle of wine. I wrote about that back in 2011. The funny thing is that this bill is only ranked the sixth largest bar bill ever! Now most of the other bills are from Russian billionaires and investment bankers, but there is a bill from Lebron James in Las Vegas that is larger than the Bruin's bill by about $30K. I do not think Lebron will top that bill back in Cleveland because they just do not have that kind of expensive booze in Ohio. Here is the list of most expensive bills ever.

The funny thing about all these events is that a major portion of the bill is made up of a ridiculously expensive large format bottle of wine (usually champagne). Without these parties these bottles would never sell. After the party these bottles are usually signed and put on display at the club that continues to use that party to advertise their club as the MGM does with the Bruin's bottle. It make you wonder if these people ever really paid for these parties or if there was some side advertising deal. Party on...


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