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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stonebraker speaks out on Facebook, MySQL and VoltBD

Today I ran across an article where Micheal Stonebraker of MIT calls Facebook's dependance on MySQL "a fate worse than death". Why can't all tech visionaries be as quotable as Stonebraker? I quote Micheal Stonebraker a lot. He is a smart guy and a quote producing machine. I loved it when he called Mapreduce/Hadoop a step backward. I am waiting to hear more about his SciDB project which he is planning to link to R. The enterprise version of SciDB is sold through his company Paradigm4.

Of course Micheal Stonebraker has a solution for Facebook's terrible problem, NewSQL or as he calls his product VoltDB. Is it the cure for all that ails the data overwhelmed world of a internet companies? I can not tell you.  However, as long as Micheal Stonebraker is leading the charge and putting out the quotes I will be there to read it with a smile.

Article: Facebook trapped in MySQL "fate worse than death".
Article on VoltDB: PostgreSQL vs VoltDB

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