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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playing Golf with President Clinton in Palm Springs - Never pass up a special experience

My father has played in the Bob Hope since the 1960s. He has always enjoyed the event, but this year he thought he would pass on it because he was too busy. My father is 70 and has been retired for over a decade. When he told me of his plans to pass on this tournament I told him I thought he was crazy. The Hope is a unique and special opportunity that I would be grateful to experience just one in my life. Most people never get do something cool and special like this in their entire lives. I asked him to reconsider and play in the tournament.

To my great pleasure he did reconsider and joined the field of amateurs at the Hope. The result was unbelievable.

The Tournament is no longer officially called the Bob Hope Desert Classic, but now goes by the name Humana Challenge with the Clinton Foundation as its lead sponsor. It is a four day tournament where amateurs are teamed up with Pros for three of the days and play on three different courses.  My father's draw was in the celebrity field so he was on television and got to talk with many of the celebrities who played in the tournament. He also got to play with some well know PGA Pros. On the first day he played with Phil Mickelson. On the second day he played with Richard E. Lee, and on the final day he was supposed to play with Bud Cauley.

That was not even the best part. On the first day President Clinton joined my father and Phil Mickelson on a few holes! That is why you never pass up on a unique experience. It could be even more unique than you could ever possibly imagine.