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Friday, March 30, 2012

Where is the sustianable Sushi in California?

I went out to California to visit my parents over the spring break. On that trip we went to the popular local sushi restaurant. The place was called Okura. Apparently this is the place where all the  Professional Tennis Players go to eat during the BNP Open in La Quinta.

I figured that a sushi place in Southern California would be progressive and cutting edge. I was wrong. There was no evidence of any effort to be environmentally conscious. The chopsticks were disposable and the seafood was unsustainable. Being a regular of Miya's in New Haven I had not seen this type of seafood in years. I found I was not missing anything. The flavors were bland, and the food lacked creativity. Okura served the old standards of rolls with Tuna, Salmon and shrimp. I found these could not stand up against Miya's Lion Fish, Scup and Asian Shore Crabs.

With all that has happened lately in our understanding of what we can and should do to eat seafood in a sustainable way it is time for all to follow the direction led by Miya's sushi. Sustainable Seafood is now mainstream with Grocery Store like Wegman's and Whole Foods leading the way.