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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Guess the Correlation Game

The Guess the Correlation game is awesome! I think I have found the most addictive data science game ever. Although it is really statistics, and we should all remember that correlation does not mean causality. The game is great. I can tell you how many people I know just eyeball things and do not use other derived measures to help them assure that their data is correlated or normal or etc. It amazes me that good tools are not used when they can help.

Anyway this game is pure fun. The data is all made up and the points don't really count because this isn't a real project. It does not include negative correlations. However, it does teach some important lessons. I was not as good at eyeballing correlation as I thought I was. I notices that I was pretty good on picking correlations above .4, but really all over the place below that.

The Game itself was developed by Omar Wagih. Anyway it is a fun and addictive game that I encourage you to try.

Correlation Game

Here is the post that I found the game through.


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