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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day is to remember the fallen

America has lost around 1,500,000 soldiers in its wars over the last 250 years. Over time technology has replace lives in battles, but people still die and suffer to forward the policies and ideals of our country. I took a quick look at the deaths of soldiers in terms of overall US populations to try to quantify the impact of war on the general population. I think it is interesting that the Wars we mostly widely discuss are those that highest percentage of deaths relative to overall population. Hopefully the trend of fewer paying the price will continue.

War Deaths US Population % of population
Revolution 25000 3929214 0.636%
1812 20000 7329881 0.273%
Mexican 13283 12866020 0.103%
Civil 625000 31443321 1.988%
WWI 116516 91972266 0.127%
WWII 405349 131669275 0.308%
Korean 53686 150697361 0.036%
Vietnam 58206 203302031 0.029%
Terror 5716 281421906 0.002%    


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