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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vincent Carey on Tap for the Next Boston R Users groups

The next Greater Boston useR Group is on June 1. The Meetup will feature two speakers. The introductory speaker is our own John Muller of State Street Capital who will give a short talk on Time Series Analysis in R. This will be followed by Vincent Carey.

Dr. Carey is an Associate Professor of Medicine (Biostatistics) at Harvard Medical School and is a co-founder and core member of Bioconductor defines software architecture for various high-throughput experimental platforms, with particular attention to quality control, annotation, and flexible interface to statistical inference tools. The portal now contains hundreds of contributions from research centers all over the world. Bioconductor is one of the mostly widely used tools in Pharma where at least half our the consulting work I have done in the Pharma space included Bioconductor. Robert Gentlemen once estimated that 5% of all R users are regular users of Bioconductor. Considering that there are over 3000 different R packages that is an astounding percentage. Dr Carey is also an associate editor of the Journal of Statistical Software and the R-news and the Senior Statistician with the Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials Group.

His Talk is titled "Exploring genetics of gene expression with R/Bioconductor". If you are near Boston and have an interest in R or Biostatistics you do not want to miss this talk by one of the thought leaders in these areas.