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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things are heating up in Boston

I just came back from the Greater Boston useRs Group. In the past few months this group has really taken off. Last nights opening speaker was from frequent presenter Jeffrey Breen on using R with Databases. His topics are so relevant to such a large portion of the community that it has already been posted by R blogs  like David Smith's Revolutions Blog.

After that Mike Kane of Yale University presented the EsperR package that was written by Bryan Lewis. While the talk really delt with working on financial data streams, the application is usable in any field that does analysis of streaming data.

Another attendee of the Meeting was John Verostek. He runs the Predictive Analytics Meetup in Boston.There is a great deal of synergies between the two groups. They have an upcoming event on Text Mining Utilizing the Twitter API with R. The Greater Boston useRs Group next Meetup is June 1 with Vincent Carey on BioConductor.

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