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Monday, June 27, 2011

Boston Bruins $156K bar bill data visualization

The Stanley Cup was up on the Martha's Vineyard over the weekend. There was much drinking and celebration to mark its arrival on the small summer party island in Mass., but all that partying palled in comparison to what the Bruins team itself did to a bar at Foxwoods after their victory parade. They ran up a $156K bar bill which included a $100K bottle of champagne! Now that is one high brow drunk feast.

There has been much talk about this crazy bill. Some have even denied that it was really that much. However, there is a picture of the actual bill online. So I think that can put the doubters to rest. Now to get your head around what goes into a $156K bar bill there is nothing better than a visualization.  did just that, and it is a great look at what goes into such a massive bill.

Bruin Bar Tab
The awesomeness that is the Stanley Cup Champion Bruins bar tab.

I believe this even dwarfs the booze consumed at R/Finance 2011 or the Second Continental Convention. Party on Boston! Sober up Bruins!


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