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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Twitter Sentiment Presentations

I have already written about Jeff Gentry's TwitteR package which provides an interface to R. Last night the Boston Predictive Analytics Group gave not one, but three presentations on Twitter sentiment analysis. I have always been a big fan of the Greater Boston R users group meetup which is an unbelievable group with outstanding speakers. It looks like the Boston Predictive Analytics group is following in the same outstanding ways. There are just a huge number of great thinkers and speakers in the Boston area.

Any back to the three talks. One was a presentation by Jeffery Breen on how to use Jeff Gentry's TwitteR Package for R. The second is Shankar Ambaby's python NLTK to look at Twitter among others natural language applications, and finally the now famous twitter flu predictor presentation. All great stuff so take a look at the Boston Predictive Analytics website and go to the next meetup if you are near Boston.


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