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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Independence Day Visualizations and a reminder that it could be worse

So I am getting ready for the Fourth of July like everyone else. Independence Day has a dual meaning for me because not only do I celebrate the birth of our nation on that day, but I also celebrate my Anniversary. So the Fourth of July is a celebration of Liberation and Indentured Servitude on the same day. I try to stay positive. In an effort to do this I hunted up some visualization of the Independence Day ( there were not as many as I expected).

The first is one of two that I found on another blog. It is a fairly standard one of the history of our flag.

The second one is on Fireworks. Who doesn't love Fireworks?

The science and art that goes into Firework to produce those sounds, colors and shapes is just amazing!

On the more humorous side, Josh Sundquist did a Video called "4th of July for Math Nerds" which is pretty funny. I especially like the part where he says we celebrate our country by breaking its laws.

I was searching for more, but I could not find any I liked. Then I came across and map of last years oil spill spread.

I know this is not an uplifting video. However, it does remind me that despite the challenges of 2011, we are in a better place than 2010, and there is reason to celebrate. So have a great weekend and enjoy the Fireworks!


  1. The two infographics come from Linda on the Spotfire blogging teams.

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