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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great Sabermetrics videos with Bill James, cartoons and a Porn Star

I can across three fun videos on sabermetrics. The first is a collage of things including excerpts from a 60 minutes piece on sabermetrics. The tunes are not bad either.

This is actually not a bad introduction in Sabermetrics with spots on some of the luminaries of the field. In fact it is the first video I had ever seen of Bill James. I disagree with Sparky Anderson that Bill James is a "fat little bearded guy who knows nothing about nothing". Although he does have a beard.

The second video is a just totally hilarious. I played it three times and I laughed for the whole thing! I need to find a time to say to someone "because my brain is so big and I am so much better than you". Classic! This cartoon is part of a series and may not really teach you anything, but it is funny.

The only thing that is better than beer and the swedish bikini team is sports and sex. So there is, of course, a video that features Nikki Benz explaining Sabermetrics to a couple of guys preparing for their fantasy baseball draft.

I still like the cartoon better. They had a better script, and they are better actors than the people in Nikki Benz's video


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