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Friday, May 27, 2011

UseR T-shirt design contest

It seems only right that a software platform with thousands of packages should have a substatial wardrobe to go along with it. In a continuing effort to increase the number of clothing items related to the R language the 2011 UseR organizing committee along with Mango Solutions have released a T-shirt design competition.

I am not sure when the R themed clothing started, but we did a couple of T-shirts back at Revolution Computing. They mostly featured fractals and the R logo, but they were black and therefore cool.

The first really great R shirt I ever saw was from Drew Conway and the NYC Data Mafia. I think it still may be the best out there.

REvolution Analytics recently came up with the I Love R T-shirt (I can not find an Image). I first saw them at the R/Finance meeting in Chicago. Their 70s retro look seemed to be very popular. In fact, a recent twitter contest attracted over a thousand crazed statisticians in pursuit of five T-shirts.

Always trying to copy a good idea I came up with a design of my own and a twitter contest as well. Sadly, while Revolution added followers my social media effort actually resulted in a reduction in followers. See my failed design below.

Never one to give up after crashing into the ground in a ball of flames, I have decided to enter the fray once again with me new R package and T-shirt design. I call it R-apture. R-apture is a twitter data mining package that scans for posts that would eliminate the sender from being called to Heaven and then sends a comment back to that tweeter that they are screwed. The T-shirt design is simple with the words " I am getting R-aptured on  May 21 October 21"( the R is an R-project R and the T is in the shape of a cross). I am sure this one will work better then the last.


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